Seller Guide


Your satisfaction and happiness is something that is very important to me. I understand how hectic it is to sell a house and it can be difficult if it’s not handled properly. To help you through the entire process, I’ve put together five simple steps :


Decide To Sell

Today’s Buyers and Sellers are a lot more educated and informed about the housing market than ever before! That being said, it is important to do research before making the decision to sell your home. The research done varies, as some Seller’s look at comparisons online, while others trust the advice of their real estate sales representatives. 

Once you have decided to sell, you must take certain steps to prepare your home for the selling process. These steps can include cleaning, small renovations, necessary upgrading, and touch-ups such as painting. The curb appeal of your home is important, as it will make/leave a lasting impression on potential buyers! 

The preparation process is great because it helps you find any defects and problems with your home, which will likely be identified in the Buyer’s inspection. This allows you ample time to sort out any issues you have before showing your home to potential Buyers! 


Hire An Agent

There are thousands of real estate sales representatives to choose from, and choosing one that is right for you may require some research and time.

It is important that you pick a sales representative carefully, as this individual will be representing you throughout the buying/selling/leasing process.

There are some criteria you should pay attention to when considering a sales representative:

  • A quick online search gives you the names of local agents that work in your area
  • Study reviews/ratings on a particular agent to see what other have to say about them
  • Ask friends and family for a recommendation

At the end of your search, it may be prudent to sit down with any potential agents and explain what you are looking for. This will allow both parties to have an understanding of what is to be accomplished. A great sales representative is someone who meets your needs, and provides quality service that accomplishes your goals


List Your Home

Once you’ve found your ideal agent, it is time to list your home in a manner that allows for maximum exposure! A prudent Seller’s Agent should be conducting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to arrive at the right price for your home. 

From there, your Seller’s Agent should advertise your home as promised, because it is important to use all viable marketing sources available to you. These sources can include MLS,, newspapers radio, and social media advertisements. 

Listing your home also means having it available for showings and open houses. Your Seller’s Agent should be going over the details of your appointments and open houses with you in advance to make sure you are prepared.


Receive An Offer

Your Seller’s Agent should be providing you with Feedback Reports after showings and open houses, as this will allow you to understand and gauge the interest that your home is generating. 

When an offer is submitted, it is your Seller’s Agent who is obligated to present it to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that offers are rarely the same, and they represent more than the selling price of your home! A prudent Seller’s Agent will be able to clarify any confusion, and help you navigate the offer with effectiveness and confidence.


Close The Sale

On closing the Buyer’s will be accepting the key and moving in shortly. For you, the Seller, this probably means that you have stored and moved all your belongings out of your home. The closing cost for Sellers may include legal feels, moving and storage fees, and mortgage fees, relating to either cancelling or discharging the mortgage. 


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